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The DriveWrite Epiphany

My city car has just had its annual service. While it was in the garage the dealer gave me a ‘courtesy’ car. For this pleasantry, later, they charged me fifteen of my British Pounds. I succinctly pointed out that by making a charge the vehicle ceased to be a ‘courtesy’ and became, in effect, a ‘hire’ car. Continue reading

Objects In The Rear View Mirror

The originalReading in my Sunday newspaper supplement I noticed that most of the ads for concerts and the like comprised of ancient creaking relics from the past like The Moody Blues, A-Ha and the Drifters. It seems that these acts can still fill auditoria and turns like the Rolling Stones – who are literally as old as the hills – can still pack a stadium. What passes for pop and rock these days is turned out by pre-packed, ready-to-eat solo singer/songwriters, refugees from appalling TV talent shows or weedy bands with no oomph and tidy hair. Continue reading

Run Silent, Run Cheap

Here at DriveWrite we do not morally censure. It is not our place to tell you what to do. We have civil servants for that. You do as you please; it’s none of our business. So you go right ahead, buy and run a big expensive car that most of us cannot afford and see if we care. By all means go for a wholly inappropriate set of wheels that you think will take you back to your youth and that sounds like a angry buffalo – but you might be making a mistake. Sorry, just sayin’. Continue reading

Keep Automotive Technology Simple

At the time of writing I’m driving a very good Skoda Rapid Spaceback, of which more in a few days. In terms of gadgets it is not of the very latest, happening now technology but it does have some thoughtful and sensible touches and, to my mind, that’s the important thing. Continue reading