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Road Safety & Autonomous Cars

The latest automotive survey, this one from Venson Automotive Solutions, reveals people’s attitudes to autonomous cars and road safety. Fifty-five percent of road users are calling for a review of road traffic laws in line with the rise of automated vehicles. Continue reading

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The Internet & The Final Frontier

Some of us remember the brave new day of computers. Spending a half hour watching an oblong shape turning through ninety degrees and going, ‘Wow!’. Then, with a fanfare, the electric internet arrived. The ultimate computer tool; facts at our fingertips. The world will be a better place. Continue reading

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When Jaguars Go Driverless

Put away your string-backed driving gloves old boy, you’re not going to need them. Jaguar Land Rover plans to create a fleet of more than 100 research vehicles over the next four years, to develop and test a wide range of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technologies. The first of these research cars will be driven on a new 41 mile test route on motorways and urban roads around Coventry and Solihull later this year. Continue reading

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Driverless Cars – Will We Really Have A Choice?

Now see here. We don’t care for change. We’re British. Look how long it took us to get over manual gearboxes. Even a very famous journalist once grumbled about ‘stupid flappy paddles’. Real men change gears with a stick. Only thanks to unrelenting determination by car makers did we finally accept that, y’know, those DCT’s aren’t too bad. High praise indeed from the British. Continue reading

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Driverless Cars – “You Won’t Get Me Into One Of Those Things”

A postprandial sojourn on the sofa is part of any man’s life. The other day, after just such a nap, I awoke to find I had a bit of a sore throat. Well, you can imagine the rest. By the end of the day I had a full-blown man-cold and, as a result, I have fallen behind on the work. Therefore I can’t now report the latest news on driverless cars so much as just comment upon it. Continue reading

Pleasing The People – Automotive Style

Three or four years ago BBC2 daringly broadcast a Victorian melodrama called The Crimson Petal And The White (from the novel by Michael Faber). It included nudity and illicit, feverish sex scenes. Whilst the mini-series was running I was out and about and happened upon a small, neat elderly man who was telling his friends all about it. Continue reading

The Risk Of Driving

Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary (for the next few weeks anyway) will soon announce something we already know, to wit, the government will allow driverless cars to share Britain’s roads. According to Mr McLaughlin there are “no barriers” and “huge safety benefits” to the new technology. He goes on to say, rather obviously, that “driverless cars are the future… we need to grab this opportunity”. Continue reading

Opinion – Driverless Cars

Mrs DriveWrite uses a mobile telephonic device that is so old you can see the faint autograph from Alexander Graham Bell. I pointed this out to her and suggested she get a new one. I even offered to break my own rules and buy it for her. Her response was to say, “It can make telephone calls, it can send texts and it can find you in supermarkets when you wander off. Why do I need another one?” Continue reading