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The DriveWrite Epiphany

My city car has just had its annual service. While it was in the garage the dealer gave me a ‘courtesy’ car. For this pleasantry, later, they charged me fifteen of my British Pounds. I succinctly pointed out that by making a charge the vehicle ceased to be a ‘courtesy’ and became, in effect, a ‘hire’ car. Continue reading

Sorry Lib Dems – You’ve Gone Too Far This Time

Monday sees the start of this year’s annual Liberal Democrat conference in glorious Bournemouth. Remember the Lib Dems? They are that collection of naïve middle-of-the-road twitterers who got soundly trounced at the last election for being far too nice. Yet do you know what’s on the agenda for a vote? The appalling migrant crisis? Trident? No, it’s worse than that; much worse. It’s Mr Whippy and his diesel-powered van. Continue reading