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Tesla S85 – Short Drive Review

Tesla, EVColin Hubbard continues his series of road tests. This time he turns a gimlet eye on the Tesla S85:
When the Toyota Prius was launched in the late 90’s I saw it as an ungainly looking car with a pointless hybrid power train that used more of the earth’s resources to manufacture then ship across the world than a sensible diesel saloon over its lifetime. It lacked sparkle, low down turbodiesel shove and more importantly, charisma. Continue reading

Our Automotive Future – The Nissan Leaf

New Nissan LeafAs drivers we have to accept the future. Whatever we may think, change is coming so we might as well embrace it. As they say – the future’s bright; the future’s electric – which serves as a suitable introduction to our featured car – the Nissan Leaf. Continue reading

Our Battery Powered Driving Future

I may have previously mentioned that I have no interest in, nor aptitude for, any branch of science. When I first started school I thought that ‘physics’ was something to do with old-fashioned sweets that exploded in your mouth with a burst of sherbet delight. Continue reading