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Volkswagen Polo – A Match For Any Supermini

Whenever a prospective buyer considers a choice of supermini hatchbacks, the first thought is of the evergreen Fiesta and with very good reason. In fact, this segment of the car market is awash with decent small cars but, instead of the Ford, perhaps at the top of any short list should also be the Volkswagen Polo, voted the 2016 supermini of the year.. Continue reading

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Audi Q7 – Out And About

It has been some time since I drove the previous – and only – iteration of Audi’s flagship SUV and, although perfectly fine, it was even then starting to show its age. So the replacement Audi Q7 seen here in sporting S-Line Quattro form is welcome and it makes its predecessor seem like a potentate’s barge. It has been given a complete overhaul. My week with this car has been varied and weather affected yet the Q7 rose above it all to give a great all-round experience. Continue reading

BMW X4 – First Time For Everything

At a recent event I had the opportunity to drive the new BMW X4 and I was reminded that I have never, ever, driven a BMW before. Of all the cars in all the world I haven’t sat in this one. The chance simply hasn’t come up. I had heard, obviously, that BMW are considered the benchmark when it comes to driving pleasure so it was good to finally get behind the wheel and out onto the road in this very smart – to give the full title – X4 xDrive 30d M-Sport model. Continue reading