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Ford Focus RS: It’s A Hot Hatch Love-In!

If you are prone to nausea then please look away now as this article is a prime example of an over-the-top automotive love-in. You see, the word that immediately springs to my mind here is, Wow! I had to keep telling himself that this car is, after all, a Focus, the mainstay of the mainstream market. But this is no ordinary Ford, oh no. It is very special yet the vehicle in the images, with its special Ford Focus RS sparkly paint and a number of must-have extras, like those awesome wheels, costs just £36,545 in the UK which in my opinion is a bit of a bargain that sets new benchmarks for driving at this price point. See the full spec below. Continue reading

Citroen C4 – The Sensible Sibling

Citroen C4Our featured car today is, to give it the full title, a Citroen C4 Flair BlueHDi hatchback and it is painted Bourrasque Blue. Bourrasque means, apparently, a gust or squall, and in this context I guess is meant to suggest a storm-laden sky. Whatever, it is a strong and effective colour not really done justice by my photographs. It is very reflective which is why I had to re-shoot the exterior snaps to exclude the ‘hall of mirrors’ type reflections of yours truly. Continue reading

Vauxhall Corsa – New And Much Improved.

Vauxhall CorsaThe Corsa has long been a popular choice for buyers of small hatchbacks in the UK but the third-gen model was getting a bit long in the tooth and falling behind the competition. Vauxhall squeezed as much life as possible out of the old car but now the 2015 fourth generation Corsa is on target to reclaim the favour of a fickle public. Continue reading