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The Plan For 2040

In July, the government announced a plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel by 2040 in an attempt to clean up the air quality in the UK. This news follows in the footsteps of some of our neighbouring countries who also plan for an all-electric nation in the future. Norway plan to stop the sales of petrol and diesel by 2025 and Germany by 2030, with France working towards the same target as the UK’s plan for 2040. Continue reading

Different By Design – Lamborghini Asterion

Lamborghini, of all people, decided on something different when they started the process on their Asterion concept plug-in hybrid. Less, they decided, is more. They wanted the supercar to have a unique look but one that steps away from the angular and aggressive designs of recent cars by borrowing less extreme features from renowned Lamborghinis of the past such as the Miura. Continue reading