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Is Business Car Leasing The Best Option?

As with any aspect of running a business, choosing the most cost effective method of leasing a car is crucial. Car leasing, either personal or for business, is now the leading method of car ownership. For a small business or a company fleet the most popular and tax efficient method is business car leasing. Continue reading

Mercedes Blends

The Motor Industry has come a long way since the first automobile rolled out of a nineteenth century shed, but the on-going advances since then seem to have snowballed in the last ten to fifteen years.  The choice offered to us now is bewildering. No two cars need to be the same although of course, under the skin, they are the same; being a clever blend of shared automotive architecture, interiors, automated construction and economies of scale which mean that no matter how varied and vibrant the design, under the glittering flesh many cars share components and of course the latest technology. Continue reading