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Romancing Le Mans

It is a beautiful, sun-kissed day in mid-June; save for languid lovers in the woods, there are few people about and the French countryside is quiet. A hint of garlic hangs in the still air. Somewhere nearby a bird sings in the trees. Suddenly, a young rabbit breaks cover and arrives at a junction of grass and hard surface. Continue reading

Marrying – For The Love Of Cars

Spring, thankfully, is just around the corner and is the time of year when our hearts turn to thoughts of lurve. One of the dangers of contemplating marriage to a car fanatic though is the worry that he or she won’t turn up on the day because of a double-booked diary date at a motor racing track, previously unmentioned. You could of course get married during the week when there’s less motor racing going on but usually work commitments prevent that. Continue reading