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Which Fuel Is The Right Fuel?

Audi Q3 petrolA version of this article first appeared in Audi Driver magazine: Whenever the global price of oil fluctuates so the debate about choice of fuel rises to the surface like a hardy perennial. It’s a question that vexes all who are in the market for a new or used car and the answer will always depend on the perceived use of the vehicle. Continue reading

Audi Q3 – The Big Small SUV

Audi Q3, DriveWrite AutomotiveSometimes, checking out the Audi portfolio can be a bit bewildering. They offer a huge range of cars, and, it’s fair to say, all of them are good and fulfil almost any personal motoring requirements known to mankind. There is, for example, a choice of three ‘Q’ cars to choose from, each one bigger than the next. Continue reading

The Revised Audi Q3: With Cylinder-On-Demand

DriveWrite tested the Audi Q3 a while back – in sparkling RS 4×4 form – and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, needless to say. I suspect though that most buyers will go for less powerful but no less enjoyable versions and, in particular, this model with the new (to the Q3) 1.4L TFSI petrol engine with cylinder-on-demand (CoD) technology. Continue reading