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Honda – Department Of ‘We Want It Here’

I was reading a car review post by Denis Flierl the other day (here) on a website I contribute to and liked the style of the Honda Civic Coupe Tourer that’s on sale in the United States. I’m a fan of our Civic and of Honda cars generally. Honda is my local car manufacturer, being just along the road from me in beautiful uptown Swindon, so I take a proprietary interest in the doings. The aforementioned article caused me to wonder why we don’t appear to be getting the coupe here. I resolved to know more. Continue reading

The We Want It Here Department: Honda S660

You will have no doubt heard of the Japanese Kei-car, a category of small vehicles that, to make them more affordable and attract lower taxes, can have engines no bigger than 660cc. The European versions of the Suzuki Wagon R and the Daihatsu Copen came from that stable. Well, now there’s a new one. Continue reading