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Volvo S60 – In At The Business End

With the proliferation of hatchbacks available these days it is hard to see the appeal of saloon cars, like the Volvo S60 D3 SE Lux Nav featured here, in the family car market. Certainly, it is family-sized with a roomy interior and a deep boot that will swallow 380L of luggage but without the wide-open aspect of, say, the V60 hatch models and I would hazard a guess that sales will be limited. The appeal of this car lies in my view firmly in the executive business car bracket. Continue reading

Dare To Be Different – The Volkswagen CC

On the morning that the Volkswagen CC was due to turn up I wasn’t exactly bubbling with excitement. I expected the car to be a dull motorway shuttle – so that’s me completely wrong again then. My week, in fact, was spent in a big comfortable car with a decent turn of performance and a sportier than expected drive. Continue reading