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Documenting Road Safety

I rarely watch ‘reality’ TV. To me these programmes are usually just mindless schedule stuffing content, like so much bread in a cheap sausage. That said, I have watched a few of the eye-opening police road safety documentaries about the tribulations of our very thin blue line of traffic cops and the knuckle-dragging Neanderthals they have to contend with. Continue reading

Where Are Our Traffic Police? (And It’s Not Just Me)

From time to time I bang on about the lack of policing on our roads. I have said before, more than once, that the sight of a police vehicle at the side of a road has always been the best aid to sensible driving. Further, a word in the shell-like of an offender who knows that his card has been marked for the future is so much better than the blanket money-making camera system currently deployed which the authorities see as the be-all and end-all of road safety. Continue reading