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The State Of Our Roads

Ah yes, the state of our highways; a matter of long-standing, much discussed concern. Sadly, little progress seems to have been made because the condition and maintenance of Britain’s local roads continues to disappoint many UK drivers. Motoring Organisation the RAC have issued their Report on Motoring (HERE) which has found that 51% of road-users think local road conditions have worsened in the past year. Continue reading

Swindon – Your Holiday Destination

It’s holiday time again and here’s DriveWrite’s suggestion for a different sort of vacation. The once great metropolis of Swindon, nestling like a latter day Kings Landing within the rural delights of darkest Wiltshire, has fallen upon hard times of late. Even mighty Honda has had to cut back. Let’s hope forthcoming models will revive their fortunes. Travellers moving west and heading for the far distant lands of Cornwall and Devon now pass by on the new-fangled M4 with scarcely a glance at the once mighty town. Continue reading