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Pray the Potholes Away?

Bill Crittenden of the The Crittenden Automotive Library reports on an American pothole issue:  The mayor of the largest city in the State of Mississippi, the state that you might remember being in the news for still including the Confederate battle flag in the upper corner of its state flag, has an interesting new way to keep up with road repairs without incurring additional costs. Continue reading

The American Road #10: Goodbye General Lee

confederate flag, General Lee, Dodge ChargerBill Crittenden talks personally about why the fuss over the Confederate battle Flag in the USA is important: You might have heard that the Confederate flag is a bit controversial here in the States all of a sudden since nine African Americans were gunned down in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s even seeped into the automotive news, with Warner Bros. canceling licensing of models of the flag-adorned “General Lee” Dodge Charger and NASCAR issuing a statement about their non-use of a flag quite popular at stock car events across the American South. Continue reading

The American Road #7: End Of The Roads?

This outstanding article is by Bill Crittenden who owns and runs The Crittenden Automotive Library, an invaluable resource for anyone interested in American automotive history, engineering and motor sport. You think we have problems with British roads? Read on – Bill writes: It’s neither a surprise nor a secret that the roads in America aren’t maintained to the standards that one would expect from a country that considers itself the greatest thing that ever happened in the history of the world. Continue reading