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The Kia Sportage: Now And Later

Kia Sportage, DriveWrite AutomotiveThe Kia Sportage sits in the Korean manufacturer’s range just below the mighty Sorento (here). It’s pretty big so it is either a large crossover or a smallish SUV. Take your choice. Either way, Kia have struck a chord with the British car buying public as there are plenty about and with good reason; this is a very likeable car. Continue reading

The Four (Driving) Ages Of Man

Four Ages Of ManLast Saturday I switched on the television. It was showing Strictly Come Dancing. I switched it off. My goodness, when the BBC get an idea (even a revamped one dragged high-kicking from the black & white days) they certainly wring every last drop of blood out of it, don’t they: but it did get me thinking about cars. Continue reading

Buying Your First Car – A Guide From Motorparks

MotorparksBuying your first car is an exciting milestone in your life. Your first taste of the open road in your own wheels. What could be better? Be warned though; there are complications and issues that have to be taken into account to get the right car and the best deal. Here’s a handy guide courtesy of national auto retailer Motorparks which will be of help: Continue reading

A History Of BMW From Cargiant

Cargiant, BMWBMW, one of the world’s biggest multinational automotive manufacturing companies, has an illustrious history; of that there is no doubt. Did you know however that the German brand has been, and is, responsible for a lot more than just prestige motors? Now, thanks to our friends at Cargiant, there’s no need to trawl the internet for more factoids because it is all here in this handy infographic: Continue reading

Blue & White Van Man: Breakdown!

car mechanicsStan Potter suffers a catastrophic breakdown on the way back from his French home. Fortunately, he is not known as the Artful Bodger for nothing: After another busy couple of weeks at the house we set off to Eurotunnel. Everything was going fine until we got to Bressuire, about twenty miles towards our destination. Suddenly, and with no warning, there was a loud grinding and crunching noise and the van shuddered to a halt. Continue reading

Which Fuel Is The Right Fuel?

Audi Q3 petrolA version of this article first appeared in Audi Driver magazine: Whenever the global price of oil fluctuates so the debate about choice of fuel rises to the surface like a hardy perennial. It’s a question that vexes all who are in the market for a new or used car and the answer will always depend on the perceived use of the vehicle. Continue reading

Born On The Back Seat Of A Cadillac

baby on boardSome people sing of being born on the 4th of July; others wax lyrical about being born with a smile on their face whilst some poor benighted souls were born under a bad sign. If however, you were born on the back seat of a knackered Mondeo you’ll probably want to keep it to yourself. This sort of thing can shape a person. It can dictate your life. Imagine spending your days forever known as ‘Mondeo Boy’ even if it’s a Vignale. Continue reading

Objects In The Rear View Mirror

The originalReading in my Sunday newspaper supplement I noticed that most of the ads for concerts and the like comprised of ancient creaking relics from the past like The Moody Blues, A-Ha and the Drifters. It seems that these acts can still fill auditoria and turns like the Rolling Stones – who are literally as old as the hills – can still pack a stadium. What passes for pop and rock these days is turned out by pre-packed, ready-to-eat solo singer/songwriters, refugees from appalling TV talent shows or weedy bands with no oomph and tidy hair. Continue reading

Money In The Black Box

It has recently been announced that, thanks to an EU edict with effect from 2018, all new cars in Britain and Europe will have to be fitted with automatic ‘SOS’ black boxes. These emergency calling devices will be mandatory under new rules despite opposition from the UK’s Conservative led Government on grounds of cost. Some are also concerned about ‘Big Brother’ tactics and are not convinced that car owners’ privacy will be adequately safe-guarded. Continue reading