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Volkswagen Golf GTE – Hybrid Efficiency

Short road tests don’t deliver the chance to thoroughly evaluate cars but are usually a worthwhile exercise to form an opinion. Thanks then to Volkswagen for a grand day out recently which gave DriveWrite the opportunity to try some new and refreshed vehicles from the VW range. First up, it’s the Golf GTE. Continue reading

Cars: A Little Light Relief

This week it’s all about the Geneva Motor Show and everyone involved in the business of cars is getting a million messages daily from everybody else. It’s got so bad that I’ve muted my phone to stop the constant bonging. Also, I’m out today driving the magnificent Range Rover (pic left.) So for a little light relief here are some automotive videos to watch. Three sweet old ladies discuss the new VW Passat and Pierce Brosnan sends himself up with Kia: Continue reading

Driving The Volkswagen Tiguan

The last couple of years we’ve experienced, by and large, reasonably mild winters with the odd cold snap thrown in. For the most part in the UK four-wheel drive is handy but probably unnecessary unless you venture off-road or live in the deepest countryside. Two-wheel drive and maybe some winter tyres will normally suffice for the majority. Continue reading

Dare To Be Different – The Volkswagen CC

On the morning that the Volkswagen CC was due to turn up I wasn’t exactly bubbling with excitement. I expected the car to be a dull motorway shuttle – so that’s me completely wrong again then. My week, in fact, was spent in a big comfortable car with a decent turn of performance and a sportier than expected drive. Continue reading

Volkswagen Golf Gets R-Line Spec

Order books are now open for the stylish Golf R-Line, ahead of first deliveries in March. Prices start from £24,190, rising to £26,765 for the range-topping 150PS TDI DSG version. DriveWrite can vouch for the R-Line specification having just said goodbye to an excellent VW CC R-Line and hello to a Volkswagen Tiguan similarly equipped. Continue reading