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Do You Really Want Your Teen On The Road?

The stereotypical teen driver is a 17-year-old male who has just passed his test. His parents have enough money to get him his own car. He piles it full of his mates on a Saturday night, drink or drugs may be added to the mix and a tragedy occurs which shatters many young lives and may affect other road users. It is every parent’s nightmare but happens on UK roads every day. This is a stereotypical view and we all know that stereotypes can be both unfair and damaging. However, in this case, there are some statistics to back it up. Continue reading

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Parent Alert: Don’t Give Your Daughter Driving Lessons

In an earlier article I mentioned teenage daughters and Greek waiters. This was drawn at least in part from personal experience except it wasn’t Greece but another of our European partners that shall remain nameless so as not to offend their Latin sensibilities. Let’s just say they wear a lot of Armani. Continue reading