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The Road To Individuality

Have you ever seen one of those old films that show a gloomy future that is dull, colourless and where everyone dresses the same? Big Brother in black and white. Prisoners of society. Nobody wants that yet we get sort of sucked into conforming to this standard or that mode of dress by the dictates of the law, of the fabric, fashion and food industries and, yes, even by the motor industry.

Cars Are All The Same?

In the interests of economy, car makers routinely now use shared vehicle platforms, parts and accessories. This in turn has given rise to a form of uniformity. In short, many mainstream cars are beginning to look the same.

Fortunately, these days it is possible to customise a car in an effort to make it uniquely your own. Unfortunately, sometimes this does not work out and when the time comes to move your motor on you find that the chance of a quick sale is limited by the number of people who like purple stripes. Come on, think it through!

I Want To Be Me

We all mostly strive to being an individual in on way or another but most of us do not want to draw too much attention to ourselves. For example, Punk as a fashion statement and way of life worked in its time for the people who dressed and acted that way but for the most part they were ridiculed for it. That doesn’t make it wrong but it does suggest that subtlety is key.

Asserting your individuality or promoting your personal brand will increase your personal sense of significance, as well as your perceived value in the great marketplace of life. When it comes to cars we want a sense that our vehicles reflect something about ourselves; Katie Price will confirm that.

A car purchase declares to an otherwise indifferent society that we want to be seen as a person. That’s why buyers tend to specify options and extras that might have limited usefulness; yet each thing, in its way, makes your car yours. This is the reason for the popularity of the personalised number plate.

A Very Good Reason Why

There are good reasons for choosing a car registration that is uniquely yours.

The value of a classic car could be enhanced by having a plate that reflects the vehicle’s heritage. Similarly, a reg that absolutely suggests the brand can immediately attract attention. If a one person has a loved one who is very special to them then what better way to show that person they are cherished. This is the value of private number plates.

The personalisation of number plates does more than say ‘look at me’.

It tells the world that the driver is more than just a number. In the legendary, long-ago TV series The Prisoner, the hero was known only as Number Six. What a great number plate that would make – 6!

Unfortunately, if it ever comes on the market it would be worth a fortune but there are many others available. You don’t have to be a prisoner of the number plate system. Be an individual. Absolute Reg, private number plates, personalised registrations, car reg, number plate