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The Things You Need To Know Before You Go

Planning for an embarking on a long journey or roadtrip by car can be extremely exciting. From getting your music playlists in order and stocking up on mid-journey snacks to scheduling coffee shop pit stops along the way, journey planning is can be a whole lot of fun – and that’s that way it should be! However amidst all of the fun and games comes a time to be serious and the safety of yourself and your passengers first.

Car safety should be number one on your list of priorities when you’ve got a lengthy journey in the pipeline; or even a short trip for that matter. Long stints of motorway driving and extra weight on your vehicle can contribute to additional risks so it’s essential that you make sure you can do everything you can to prevent an accidents beforehand. This also includes making sure you’re prepared for any unforeseen eventualities by keeping things like a spare tyre, a torch and a warning triangle to hand.

Fortunately there are great car servicing companies like Kwik Fit on hand to help you out if your vehicle needs any last minute attention. Places like that are also good to go if you need any car-related advice from an expert but for now, here is our advice on what you can do to make sure your vehicle is safe before setting off:

  • Make sure your tyres have the right amount of pressure in them. This information is unique to your vehicle and can be found in the vehicle log book.

  • Test your brakes are effective on a variety of terrains e.g. downhill, uphill and on a loose road surface such as gravel. Your steering should never pull to one side.

  • Test all bulbs from indicators and brake lights and headlights to your reverse and fog lights. Make sure you get any faulty bulbs replaced before driving anywhere as it is illegal to neglect a broken bulb. When testing your headlights, make sure you trial them in both full and dipped beam.

  • Make sure your windscreen wipers are working effectively – you don’t want to get caught on the motorway in torrential rain without them as this will seriously impair your visibility.

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