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Three Reasons You Should Celebrate Your MOT

OK, so knowing your MOT is due is never normally a reason for being happy. It can often be an event that leads to expenditure and no car owner enjoys that with the exception of people who modify and use their car as a hobby. However, rather than being something you dread the MOT should be something you value and although you might not actually look forward to it, having a fresh MOT should be something to celebrate and be pleased with.

What Actually Is An MOT?

Originally introduced in 1960 and called the Ministry Of Transport test, the MOT test was initially only for vehicles over 10 years old. At that time 10 years was old for a car whereas now a 10 year old motor can easily expect to run for much longer. There was an issue however; the problem was most cars were failing the test so the time limit had to be brought back and eventually it was applied to all cars older than 3 years. When it was first conceived the test was a very basic check that covered the brakes, lights and steering but as the years moved on the MOT test has grown to encompass many different aspects of a cars upkeep and condition.

A lot of people assume the MOT test is about the general maintenance of the car and often assume if it passes the MOT then it doesn’t need a service. This is certainly not correct; the MOT test is really all about safety for the people inside and outside of the car. The test not only includes all the usual checks on safety systems like the brakes, lights, tyres and steering but also on emissions and the often forgotten body work. It is deemed important that a car is safe while it is stationary as well as moving so having a rusting bit of body work poking out could be just as easily an issue for someone walking past the car in a car park as a rusted bulkhead that could collapse in a crash.

1 Keeping You Safe In Obvious Ways

The first reason to celebrate the MOT test is that once you have a new test done you know all the general safety aspects of the car are as good as they should be. This is really important for everyone but may feel particularly critical for people with very young or frail passengers. It should also be something every driver takes comfort in. No one wants to have a crash but if it was a choice between saving some money each year while you take a gamble on how your car will cope with a crash or getting an MOT to make sure the car was good enough most people would surely book an MOT.

2 Keeping The Air Safe

The fact that emissions play a big part in the MOT test has big implications. It is not just to annoy you and cost you money, the test is geared to make sure you’re car is not polluting the local and global environment more than it needs to. This has a real impact on the people you drive past in town or in the country. Children in cities are especially open to the effects of pollutants so a clean MOT test means you are not going around harming people without knowing.

3 Keeping Others Safe

An accident nearly always has two sides but these sides, more often than not, include 2 cars. What about when one side is a pedestrian? Having faulty brakes could mean the difference between avoiding hitting someone and potentially killing them. Tyres also play a key part in a car stopping safely and handling correctly during evasive driving. The MOT test is there to make sure your car is not only as safe as possible for you and even other cars you may crash into, it is very much there to make sure pedestrians do not fall foul to faulty safety systems too.

Booking And MOT

As with most things there are good and bad ways to do an MOT. It is supposed to be a strict set of tests but ultimately car owners should expect more than just a test, they should expect experience, an eye for detail and generally an excellent service. The idea of getting a car to only just pass doesn’t really make much sense when you think of the implications of having a safety feature in a second rate condition. So when it comes time to book your MOT look for a well-reviewed and top quality garage. There are a number of garage guides out there online these days but chose one with the backing of a big name like the AA Garage Guide so you can be sure the site is legitimate and that it offers you carefully selected garages.

So next time you think about your MOT due date, try to look more positively upon it, look at is as a safety check for you, your family and those around you as you drive and don’t look on it as a pointless expense.