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Three Ways Your Car Could Be Impacting Your Business

What does your car say about you? It turns out it can do a lot more than chauffeur you to and from appointments! Check out the top three impacts it could be having on your company…

  1. It can affect your image

This is perhaps the most obvious way that your car can impact your business, and as much as people would like to pretend this isn’t the case, image does matter. Your car is an extension of yourself; it can reflect the way you think and feel about things, what you value and how well you take care of yourself.

Whether it’s the model, the brand or the cleanliness, all of these elements create a picture for a client of who you are and what you will be like to deal with as a business partner. It doesn’t matter what product or service you’re selling, if they think your image projects one that they don’t like or can’t trust, the best will in the world won’t be able to save your deal.

  1. It can affect your reputation

As we stated above, image is important, and a larger, more impressive car might project ideas of stability or success that are vital in business. However, leasing larger cars can have a negative effect too. For example, if you drive a lot for business, having an uneconomical, gas-guzzling car will eat into your profits and be far too expensive to sustain, but it also gets you a reputation for not caring about the environment and might put off clients. Plus, the more expensive the car, the harder they are to maintain with regular repair work. leasing, Vantage Leasing, Evoque, Range Rover, lease cars,

A great way around this is to lease cars instead; you could lease an Evoque, from the brand new, top-of-the-line Range Rover series, which would project comfort, luxury and success, for all those important client meetings or site visits. At home though, you can keep your smaller, more economical car for short journeys to and from your office.

  1. It can be used for branding

On a more positive note, the car you drive can be used as a marketing tool. Naturally, if you’re selling anything to do with cars, auto technology or vehicle products, you can use it as a display piece and demonstration, but thinking more broadly for all businesses, have you thought about putting your branding on the side of your vehicle?

This works especially well if you appeal to a niche market and find it difficult to target your audience, but you can really get creative with graphics and turn it into a fun piece of advertising, even adding in barcodes for people to scan with their smartphone. This is something you can track too, so if you see a spike in the number of people hitting that landing page, you know your scheme has worked!

We hope you enjoyed this article – you can check out more thoughts on this here. Let us know in the comments if you agree that your car can affect your business image.