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Traffic Fury: Careless Or Couldn’t Care Less Driving

There is a three-lane road in my town. One lane is a bus lane, hence the central lane is southbound, the outer lane northbound. Whilst driving in the centre lane I was confronted by an on-coming car. Fair enough, Perhaps he thought it was an overtaking lane, although the signage is clear enough.

Whatever, he wasn’t paying attention. It could have been described as ‘careless driving’ except for one thing: despite the traffic fury and chaos his action caused, the gormless oaf behind the wheel and his idiot mate thought it was funny.

This is ‘couldn’t care less’ driving. There’s a lot of it about.

Careless Driving On The Rise

A recent survey found that speeding drivers caught by the pitiless electronic eyeballs of state always have an excuse. It appears that with our baser motoring habits, seemingly like everything in life these days, it is always anyone else’s fault but our own.

The traffic held me up’. ‘Those roadworks on the main road are causing delays’. The concept of leaving earlier doesn’t seem to occur. If you get caught by a speed camera you don’t have to like it but don’t whinge about it.

Driving cars is a pleasure but it is also a responsibility that many today seem to shrug off. Reprimand a driver for doing something carelessly stupid because they were otherwise engaged in the act of using a mobile or fiddling with a touchscreen and you are likely to be on the receiving end of a gesture, a torrent of abuse or even a punch up the bracket. They are the innocent aggrieved. It’s not their fault.

Driving Better

If people today took responsibility for their actions the world would be a better place. The roads would be safer and insurance costs would be lower (Maybe. Pause for hollow laugh). If the state would only realise that our cops would be doing a better job patrolling the streets than trawling social media for imagined slights then maybe the careless and couldn’t-care-less drivers would shape up. Nobody likes rules and nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes from time to time but the least we can do is own up and try harder to drive well. In the meantime I recommend using a dashcam at all times for motoring self defence. I did an article about one such, and got it from this supplier. Geoff MaxtedProofcam, RAC107, dashcam, dashboard camera, road safety, car insurance, camera, DriveWrite Automotive, lifestyle auto, autos, motoring blog, car blog

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