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The Twelve Road Safety Rules Of Christmas

Unbelievably, despite all the publicity, road accident statistics show no sign of improving. It seems unbelievable that people still drink and drive and/or use phones (my personal pet hate) and technology whilst on the move. Further, I am witnessing – and I am sure you are too if you care at all about road safety – a fair number of incidences of driving that can only be described as sloppy or careless at best.

So I make no apology for once again banging the drum for road safety as we arrive at the shortest, darkest day and the Christmas festivities. To this end I am publishing verbatim a ’12 Days Of Christmas’ safety list compiled by friends GEM Motoring Assist. Do take heed:

  1. Take a taxi home from Christmas parties. Don’t drive if you’re having a drink. And don’t drink any alcohol if you need to drive.

  2. Always wear your seatbelt. It’s the most effective way to save your life and reduce injuries if you’re involved in a crash.

  3. Keep children safe through Christmas. Make sure their seat belts and restraints are correctly fitted in the car – and always used. Ensure they’re easy to see if they’re walking.

  4. If you’re picking up a Christmas tree, make sure it’s securely tied down before you drive home. Also, don’t let a big bushy tree obscure your all-round vision.

  5. Slow down this Christmas. No one else can tell you how fast to drive. It’s your responsibility, so don’t be selfish. Stay safe, give yourself time and space to stop.

  6. Don’t drive tired. Fatigued drivers take longer to react to hazards. Take breaks on journeys. Share the driving.

  7. Be ready to stay out of the driving seat if you’re using medicines that make you drowsy. You don’t have to be on illegal drugs to be unfit. Medicines can impair you too.

  8. Check your tyre tread and pressure before Christmas journeys. Every safety system on your car depends on your tyres working effectively in an emergency. Tyres can save your life, so take no risks and check them.

  9. If you had a few drinks last night, you could still be over the limit the next morning. Time is your only way to be alcohol free.

  10. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted on Christmas journeys. No phoning, no texting, no fiddling with satnav. And encourage the children to do their bit for safety, by letting you focus on the driving.

  11. Put safety first and expect to think for others who are less aware of risk. Watch out for kids on new bikes, make allowances for drunk pedestrians.

  12. New mobile phone for Christmas? Don’t use it when you’re driving. Focus solely on the journey and reduce your risks.

So there we have it. Twelve common sense road safety items to keep you and yours safe. If you drink and drive I hope the law throws the book (a very heavy hardback preferably) at you because it just isn’t necessary. When in the process of killing yourself you might kill others too.

If you see someone else about to drive after drinking then grass them up. This is one time when it’s okay to do that.

It seems that in the future we are to get smart cops who will have degrees so will no doubt be able to talk about the philosophical reasons for not drinking and driving or the science behind velocity. Personally, I would prefer a copper who, even if he is a bit thick, cares about road safety and what he does rather than his c.v. Perhaps it’s just me. Drive safe. Geoff Maxtedroad safety, drink driving, car accidents, DriveWrite Automotive, motoring blog, car blog, driving