Twenty First Century Ford

Ford Focus, Dews Motor GroupAt the dawn of the 20th Century a chap named Henry Ford looked at the early automobile and saw that it was good, yet felt it could be even better. Founding a company in 1903 he eventually came up with the Model T, a car that was to bring motoring within reaches of the masses. Suddenly, thanks to production line manufacture, your average Joe could afford to take to the road. The rest, as ever, is history.

Today, Henry Ford continues to be at the forefront of motor vehicle production by way of the global company that bears his name. Those innovative days of mass-market production continue, offering a range of cars to suit all budgets. The Evergreen Ford Fiesta, for example, continues to be held in good regard by the buying public. Few small cars are as good to drive. As in those early days the motors on offer continue to carry forward the technological advances that make the brand famous.

Ford Fiesta / Dews Motor GroupStarting with the diminutive, cute Ford Ka and rising through all the main sectors including hatchbacks, SUV’s and MPV’s the choice from this brand includes some of the most popular cars on record. What’s more, the company continues to innovate with motors like the prestigious new Vignale. Based upon the hugely successful Mondeo, the Vignale blends traditional coach-building, contemporary design and cutting-edge technology to take on the European prestige brands.

Hand-finished and individually tailored to customer specification, Ford Vignale Mondeo offers exclusive style with a tuxedo-stitched quilted leather interior, unique wheels and Vignale Nocciola metallic paint. Ford are also making good use of their Active Noise Cancellation for the first time in Europe. High-power Bi-turbo 2.0-litre TDCi diesel, EcoBoost petrol, and petrol-electric hybrid powertrains are offered as part of premium specification.Ford Vignale Mondeo / Dews Motor GroupDon’t forget also that performance Fords come from a background steeped in motor sport history. For the first time, customers can get their feverish hands on some genuine American automobile tradition with the ‘global’ Mustang or some Euro-hot hatchery with the new Focus RS. Something for everyone, as they say.

The story doesn’t end there as new technologies come to the fore. Ford is currently investigating an innovative new engine management approach that could be a key to helping make the company’s award-winning three-cylinder 1.0L EcoBoost engine even more fuel efficient. On-road tests using a working prototype showed fuel efficiency improvements of up to six per cent after engineers conducted an experimental investigation into cylinder deactivation. To enable cylinder deactivation to take place at a wider range of engine loads and speeds they developed a new dual mass flywheel which also minimized noise, vibration and harshness levels. That’s the science, but you and I will gain a better understanding when we arrive at the pumps.Ford EcoBoost / Dews Motor Group

The brand benefits from a comprehensive network of experienced dealers like the long-established Dews Motor Group with state-of-the-art showrooms and the very latest in buyer technology. This is why Ford’s total vehicle, car and commercial vehicle sales and share increased in May, compared with May 2014. This beat overall UK market growth and stretched the company’s sales lead in each of the sectors over its nearest competitors. Henry would be pleased.
Geoff Maxted