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UK & Ireland’s Answer To Route 66… In An Electric Car

A 2,500 mile bucket list road trip is being driven for the first time this April. In a couple of days the intrepid and daring Jess Shanahan will be well on the way around the official ‘Route 57’ in an electric car.

She will be on the road and heading through a Heinz 57 varieties of must-see destinations across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The road trip runs from 6-26 April, starting in Plymouth and ending in beautiful Galway, visiting villages, towns, and cities along the way.

Route 57 was designed as the UK and Ireland’s answer to US Route 66, by Jurys Inn Hotels who are supplying accommodation along the way for motoring journalist Jess. Route 57, electric car, EV, DriveWrite Automotive, car blog, motoring blogThis heroic young explorer of the byways will go where no EV has gone before by doing the road trip in a KIA Soul EV supplied by electric car leasing company DriveElectric, stopping at charging stations along the route, mapped out by ZapMap.

As well as promoting local tourism, the campaign’s use of an EV seeks to challenge common myths surrounding electric cars. We all know that what is holding back EVs in the public eye is the ever-present range issue. This campaign aims to show that these perceptions do not match the reality with today’s green car technology, and that an electric car can drive more than 2,580 miles across four countries.

Jess will be posting updates on the Route 57 website here: along with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – and taking driving music suggestions through the Twitter hashtag #route57, or adding them directly to the Route 57 Spotify playlist. Audiobook suggestions are also welcome – Jess will be fittingly listening to Bill Bryson’s brilliant book ‘Notes Form A Small Island’ to begin with.

This is a great idea that hopefully will spark the public imagination and give a decent plug to the electric car campaign. Geoff Maxted