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Upgrade Your Car With Window Tinting & Other Mods

With the price of new cars being what they are coupled with that first year depreciation, many people prefer to or have to buy a used car simply on the basis of cost but even this can get expensive. Trouble is, as much as we might love our regular ride we often fancy a change meaning more expense and hassle. There is another way.

Some money will have to be spent, that’s a given with cars, but what about upgrading your own motor? There are many of ways to modify any vehicle. Here are just a few of them:

Window Tinting

If expertly applied, say by these window tinting friends who can also assist with other great car mods, tinting the glass could help to add an element of luxury to your motor. It should not be too dark because the police don’t like it and can demand to have it removed. You won’t have to deal with as much glare from the sun (when it makes an appearance) but that’s not why most people pay for the job.

Careful window tinting can make your car appear more upmarket and well-kept. Just make sure you check regulations because some authorities regulate the level of tinting they consider appropriate. Usually, you can’t tint your windscreen very much, for example. All the information you require is freely available online.

Fit New Or Refurbished Alloys

If the car already has alloys, as most do, they probably need some TLC. Even the most careful driver can accidentally clip a kerb. For that reason, it makes absolute sense to call in a specialist. There are many franchised operators about, who are trained in this work. Try searching online to find the most respected firms, especially those who offer home visits. Obviously DIY is the cheaper option but these companies have specialised equipment that will make even the most battered rim look like new.

If the vehicle comes with steel rims then it could well be time to make an investment. Alloys are lighter and just look better. Shop around for good deals (sometimes with new tyres included) or check out used sets, although guarantees will be needed that the wheels are safe and sound.

A Nice Paint Job.

Over time paint can fade and lose its lustre. There are products on the market that, with a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease, will bring up paint like new. Remember though that this will also take off old polish or protective coatings so a subsequent waxing is vital. If it’s too far gone then think about giving the car a shiny new coat. There are lots of companies out there that provide the service.

Shop around from quotes from reliable established companies not some bloke who ‘can do it in his shed’. In some instances, you might have to pay for extra preparatory work before the experts can apply their paint. That is often the case if you have rust issues but that’s not the problem it once was. In any case, don’t buy rusty cars in the first place!

Most professionals can complete the process in less than one week. So, you won’t have to survive without your vehicle for too long. The car will look brand spanking new afterwards. Clearly this is an expensive option but if the car is a keeper then it is worth it as a long term investment.

There you have it. Three tips – window tinting, wheels and paint – to improve the aesthetics of any used car. Yes, it can be costly but at the end of the day it is still cheaper than buying new and the car will be uniquely yours.