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A Valediction For The Skoda Yeti

A while back I was watching The Grand Tour in which our merry trio were driving some expensive supercars and it occurred to me that I had, albeit briefly, myself driven two of the cars they were testing. Throughout the series other, maybe lesser cars, also made an appearance and it is with great pleasure that I found I had driven some of them too, often extensively and with a big cheesy grin on my face.

It is a privilege to be allowed by car makers to road test their vehicles; I appreciate it make no mistake, but there are dark clouds on the horizon. Recently instead of my usual smiley visage my face becomes a mask of disappointment, nobly borne, when yet another SUV is revealed.

Goodbye Skoda Yeti

The Skoda Yeti will soon be no more. It is to be replaced by the Skoda Carrot, sorry, Karoq, a car which in my opinion is as bland as white bread, like so many others.

Look, I have no doubt that the Skoda Karoq will be in many ways a very good car. It will be comfortable, well made, acceptably drivable, economical, safe, reliable, dull as ditch water and bought in droves by a largely disinterested public who couldn’t give a fig about motoring heritage, uniqueness and automotive design.Yeti, Karoq, new cars, used cars, Skoda, DriveWrite Automotive, motoring blog, car blog

Skoda is a company that has come on in leaps and bounds. It is a 21st Century success story, no question. I personally have a soft spot for the Octavia vRS which is eminently fun to drive for example, but this trend for a family ‘face’ is making this brand, and many others, frankly boring.

It is as if the designers have given up and decided to simply ‘do what they’re doing’ and load up the high-tech fripperies instead. Many SUVs now look alike. See a Karoq in the distance and it could be an Ateca or a Tiguan. At least with the Yeti you could tell at a glance what it was.

Age Shall Not Wither The Skoda Yeti

No, it has never been an exciting car but it is a unique one in the sense of how it has so captivated many members of the buying public who bought it consistently because they knew it could do what they required of it. The more powerful models could crack on, it could handle a bit of off-road activity; it was tough, comfortable and could carry a load. Crucially, it was also appealing. There were other similar cars but they simply didn’t have the same cache as the Skoda Yeti.

Sure, like an ageing movie star, it was getting a bit long in the tooth in the looks department but somehow it didn’t matter. It was the Helen Mirren of the car world. Not in the first flush of youth but still perfectly able to turn in a great performance.

It’s name is the Skoda Yeti and I am going to miss it. The legend will live on in the used car lots of the world. It’s been automotional. Geoff Maxted