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Why Van Hire Makes Sense For Small Businesses

In the challenging economic environment that the average small business has to perpetually endure these days, often the need for a company vehicle is an expense too far. On the other hand, the fast paced demands of the modern world mean that customers and clients want their goods and services now, not later.

Certainly it is possible to run an old van that does the job but what does a rusting hulk say about your service or product? First impressions count. On our packed and frantic roads this means that commercial transport needs to be reliable and trustworthy. Good business hangs on providing good service.

The Simple Answer

As can be seen daily on the streets of Britain some small businesses continue to rely on dated and outmoded vehicles with dashboards strewn with paperwork and last month’s sandwich wrappers. It doesn’t have to be like this. It is no longer necessary to buy a van at great expense and then run it into the ground over the next ten years; or lease a motor that will be used less than frequently, committing the lessee to a potentially costly three-year deal.

These days the sensible and cost effective answer is to to hire a vehicle to suit your needs on a daily or weekly basis, be they business or indeed for personal domestic use, such as moving house. Recently I did just that when my daughter moved. I booked just the right sized van from this website, Nationwidehire, a company that came highly recommended and that offers both cars and commercials. For once, the move went like a charm.NationwideHire, van hire, vans, rent vans, hire vans, DriveWrite Automotive, car blog, motoring blog

The Right Van At The Right Time

Modern vans come in all shapes and sizes to suit individual needs. There is always ample little nooks and crannies for storage space. There’s not only room for documents and delivery notes, but also allocated spaces for snacks and bottles and it is even possible on some vehicles to specify an air-conditioned glove box which would help keep perishable items fresh and secure. Ideal for longer trips.

Technology is at the forefront of automotive thinking these days and vans now also come equipped with Bluetooth and a decent multi-media set-up for navigation and music to keep boredom at bay on long journeys. Commercial vehicle users often spend a lot of time in the cab so comfort is essential. These days the driving position in a van can be adjusted to fit any size of user and – just like a passenger car – will have a steering wheel that can be adjusted to a comfortable position.

Vans are no longer relics of the delivery age of coal. Ease of driving is aided by the now expected and nicely weighted power steering which still provides feedback as to what is happening on the road surface. A six-speed gearbox is often standard with the correct ratios for the anticipated mixed use and a long sixth gear for motorway cruising.

Ease Of Use

These car-like attributes are especially comforting to the business user who could spend a whole day behind the wheel. Whether it’s for longer term use for business deliveries or household removals or just a day’s hire to shift a wardrobe, renting from a trusted nationwide company makes sense. They can help you choose the right van, whatever the purpose to make sense of the size and type of vehicle needed.

The day of the battered delivery vehicle is ancient history. Modern vans, cars and minibuses are safe, reliable and largely easy to drive. For commercial use the choice is wide with a variety of wheelbases, Lutons, dropside trucks and the like; there’s something for everyone. When the need arises, short or long term hiring can often be the right solution.

Geoff Maxted