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Volkswagen Scrappage Scheme

Following the news that the UK government plans to clear up air pollution across the UK, many manufacturers, including Volkswagen, have started to introduce diesel scrappage schemes to encourage British car owners to trade in their old diesel cars for new upgraded models.

Volkswagen is one of many brands who are introducing scrappage saving schemes – and Inchcape Volkswagen has introduced their own VW Scrappage Scheme to reward their customers for upgrading their diesel cars.

The Reasons Behind Diesel Scrappage Schemes

The UK isn’t the only country trying to tackle the impact diesel cars have on our environment through diesel scrappage schemes. With Norway and Germany’s plans to eliminate diesel cars by 2025 and 2030, they are well on their way to hitting their target.

The scheme aims to encourage drivers to switch to a cleaner vehicle such as electric, or hybrids. Statistics from Nextgreencar.com suggest that electric plug-in vehicles can reduce carbon emissions by around 40% compared to small petrol cars. Even when compared with a fuel-efficient diesel car, electric cars can still reduce emissions by a significant 25%.

Electric vehicles are slowly but surely tackling their downfalls, which has led to an increase in EV’s on our roads. In the first seven months of 2017, over 107,000 new electric vehicles were registered in the UK, a significant incline compared with the 3,500 EV’s that were registered in the whole year of 2013.

If figures continue to rise, which is expected as cities across the UK plan to introduce Clean Air Zones, the National Grid predict that peak demand for electricity could increase by 50% if and when the nation switches to electric vehicles. It’s estimated that the UK will need to build around 10,000 wind turbines to power all the electric replacements – however, this will further contribute to cleaner air quality and reduce harmful emissions even more.

Scrappage: How Much Can You Save?

Diesel scrappage is used as an incentive to encourage drivers to upgrade to a newer, cleaner vehicle. Whilst the government have been slow to introduce a scheme in the UK, Inchcape Volkswagen have introduced scrappage savings. With Inchcape Volkswagen’s Scrappage Upgrade Savings, you could save up to £7,000 if you trade in your old diesel and upgrade to a brand-new VW car. The scheme is available on any make or model that was registered on or before 31st December 2009 that features a Euro 1-4 emissions standard engine. Savings start at £2,300, with some vehicles offering up to £7,000 scrappage savings. Please note, Terms and Conditions apply.