Whither The Fragrant Suzi Perry Now?

Now that the BBC has hived off Formula One to Channel Four in a short-sighted move to save some cash to pay for some new executive washrooms, they are plainly at a loss to know what to do with their presumably contracted F1 presenters.

For example, Eddie Jordan. Now, I obviously don’t know E. J. so am unaware of what sort of bloke he is but I find his presenting and contributions to be intensely irritating (acknowledging that he knows his F1). The word is then that he has been shunted off to Chris Evan’s new TV show, ostensibly know as Top Gear.

Already signed up is Matt LeBlanc, an ageing TV lothario who, Auntie must be assuming, will get those international sales of Top Gear going at full pelt. LeBlanc is famous worldwide thanks to that sitcom but what has been revealed is that he has a less than polished track record as a petrolhead. Sure, he may like cars – which is fine – but his appointment suggests that the Beeb still doesn’t really get it.

We know that the new Top Gear will be called Top Gear but it will not be Top Gear as we know it. Ever since the early days of William Woollard and Angela Rippon and that fellow in the suspect sweaters TG has certainly changed, but it has been a gradual development most recently overseen by chaps who really know cars and engineering.

This new iteration seems to be a whole other bag of spanners but the thing that most worries me is whither the fragrant Suzi Perry? With DC jumping ship to Channel Four what will the BBC find for her to do? She has just revealed that she will not be leaving Auntie’s cold embrace; neither will she be siding with the Evans character. We should be told. Like the aforementioned fellows, Suzi Perry is not known as a petrolhead but she is a top class motorsports presenter as she has shown with, first, Moto GP and latterly F1.

If it must be all change at Top Gear, I know who I would like to see at the helm. Geoff Maxted