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Women More Concerned About Used Car Costs

My Car Check,, used car, DriveWrite AutomotiveMen (typically) are more confident about their driving ability and women are more concerned about long-term costs of a used car. Just some of the interesting differences a recent survey carried out by My Car Check highlighted. When we asked over 500 customers we wanted to know what made men and women drivers tick, particularly when they were looking to buy a used car.

We found that women felt most uncomfortable when inspecting the car, whereas men least liked negotiating the price. What united the two were the fact that the price of the vehicle was the most important aspect, however men went for looks, where women went for running costs as the next most important factor.

When it came to opinions of driving ability, men thought they were “good” in a much higher proportion than women, whereas women considered themselves to be “competent” more often.

On the scariest aspect of car buying, again, there was a clear difference according to gender. Women worried most about inspecting the used car, while men worried most about the price negotiation. The fact is the average buyer, male or female, won’t buy a car very often and won’t have great technical knowledge.” This neat graphic tells all:My Car Check, used cars, DriveWrite Automotive, car blog, motoring blog